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Diaspora of Children of Israel

 Diaspora 70 AD
Click here To read history of the children of Israel the diaspora written by Eliphas Levi a Rosicrucian
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THE DIASPORA OF THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL,WRITTEN BY ELIPHAzLEVI A ROSICRUCIAN OF THE MASONIC ORDER OF THE 1800, In his book the History of Magic,chapter 2 the appearance of the Bohemian nomads, Explains the migration of the children of Israel before and after the crusade period,from the land of Israel into lower Egypt which is Alexandria.And how the Children of Israel traveled to the isles of the gentiles in France.He gives a physical description of the Children of Israel as being exceedingly dark and with woolly hair,the blackest ever seen,also speaking Hebrew,That they had a malediction which is consistent with the curses in Deuteronomy chapter 28 verse 15-68,he goes on to say in the book they processed a book which was undoubtedly the monumental summary of all ancient Revelation,the key to Egyptian hieroglyphics,the keys also of Solomon,the primeval scriptures of Enoch and Hermes,to regard them as a synthesis of the matter of faith amongAncient Peoples. That they were brought to the Americas as slaves by the Khazar Muslims, the original Knights Templars A-ncient O-rder N-oble M-ystic S-hrine who raided the Temple in Jerusalem,and stole our Jewish identity, most remarkable thing of this book is that Eliphaz Levi of the 1800 writes of the characteristics of the Children of Israel in the 12th to 15th century in Europe, such as our street slang,ferreting everywhere,and everywhere thieved and pilfered.Who were continually busy in doing nothing,and the slaves of North America are manifesting these same characteristic here in the gettos of North America,I have copied the chapter of this book and have put biblical scriptures at the side of the page for support its in my pdf file right above this paragraph,click the history of the Children of Israel the original diaspora of the children of Israel. The history of the children of Israel.pdf
,I will now type chapter 2 appearance of the Bohemian nomads of the history of magic that explains the diaspora of the Children of Israel,the biblical biological Jews. Written by Eliphaz Levi.At the beginning of the fifteenth century hordes of unknown swarthy wanderers began to spread through Europe.Sometimes denominated bohemians,because they claimed to come from Bohemia,sometimes Egyptians,because their leader assumed the title of duke of Egypt,they exercised the arts of divination,larceny and marauding. Deuteronomy chapter 18 verse 10-11, also 2 kings chapter 17 verse 17.They were nomadic tribes, bivouacking in huts of their own construction;their religion was unknown;they gave themselves out to be Christians;but their orthodoxy was more then doubtful.Among themselves they practiced communism and promiscuity,and in their divination's they made use of strange sequence of signs,allegorical in form,and depending from the virtues of numbers.Matthew chapter 13 verse 10-11.Whence came they? Of what accursed and vanished world were they the surviving waifs?Deuteronomy chapter 32 verse 26.Where they,as superstitious people believed,the offspring of sorceresses and demons?What expiring and betrayed Savior 
 had condemned them to roam for ever? Mathew chapter 20 verse 18 and chapter 27 verse 25.Was this the family at large of the wandering JEW,or the remnants of the ten tribes of ISRAEL,lost sight of in captivity and long enchained by Gog and Magog in unknown regions?Ezekiel chapter 38 verse 2 and Revelation chapter 20 verse 8.such were the doubting questions at the passage of these mysterious strangers,who seemed to retain only the superstitions and vices of a vanished civilization.Enemies of toil,they respected neither property nor family;they dragged their woman and children after them;they pestered the peace of the honest house-dwellers with their pretended divinations.However all this may be,their first encampment in the vicinity of Paris is told by one writer as follows; 'In the next year,1427 on the Sunday after the middle of August, being the 17th of the month,there came to the environs of Paris twelve so-called penitentiaries-a duke,earl and ten men on horses,saying that they were good Christians,originally of lower Egypt.[Alexandria is Lower Egypt.upper Egypt is lower Egypt] They stated further that in former times they were conquered and turned to Christianity,[Crusade Period.Knights Templar and Muslim Saracen allies take Jerusalem]those refusing being put to death,while those who consented to baptism were left as rules of the country.Some time subsequently the Saracens invaded them,and many who were not firm in the faith made no attempt to withstand or defend their country,as duty bound,but submitted,became Saracens and abjured our Savior.The Emperor of Germany,the king of Poland and other rulers,having learned that the people renounced their faith so easily,becoming Saracens and idolaters,fell upon them and conquered them again easily.Leviticus chapter 26 verse 37,It appeared at first as if they had the intention to leave them in their country, so that they might be led back to Christianity,but,after deliberation in council, the emperor and the rest of the kings ordained that they should never own land in their native country without the consent of the Pope,to obtain which,they must journey to Rome.Leviticus chapter 26 verse 33-35.Thither they proceeded in a great body,the young and the old,involving great suffering for the little ones.They made confessions of their sins at Rome,and the Pope ,after considering with his advisers,imposed on them,by way of penance,seven years"wandering through the world sleeping in no bed.He ordained further that every bishop and croziered abbot should give them,once and for all,ten livres of the Tours currency as a contribution towards their expenses.he presented them with letters to this effect,gave them his benediction and for five years they had been wandering through the world."Some days afterwards, being the day of the martyrdom of St John the baptist, or August 29, the general horde followed and were not permitted to enter within Paris,but were lodged at the Chapelle St.Denis.They numbered about 120 persons,including woman and children.They stated that when they left their own country they consisted of one thousand or twelve hundred souls;Deuteronomy chapter 28 verse 62,the others had died on the road,their King and Queen among them;Hosea chapter 3 verse 4-5,the survivors were still expecting to become possessors of worldly goods,for the holy father had promised them good and fertile lands when their penance was finished.While they were at the chapel there was never so great a crowd at benediction,for the people flocked to see them from St Denis, Paris,and the suburbs.Their children, both boys and girls,were the cleverest tricksters.Nearly all had their ears pierced and in each ear were one or two silver rings,which they said were a sign of good birth in their own country;Isaiah chapter 3 verse 19-22,Hosea chapter 2 verse 13,they were exceedingly DARK and WOOLLY HAIR. Revelation chapter 1 verse 14.The women were the ugliest and BLACKEST ever seen; Song of Solomon chapter 1 verse 5-6,their faces were covered with sores,Deuteronomy chapter 28 verse 35, their hair was black as the tail of a horse,their clothes consisted of an old flaussoie or schiavina tied over the shoulder by a cord or morsel of cloth,and beneath it a poor shirt.In a word,they were the most wretched creatures  who had ever been seen in France,within the memory of the oldest inhabitants. Deuteronomy chapter 28 verse 37,Their poverty notwithstanding,they had sorceresses among them who inspected the hand,telling what had happened to the person consulting them in their past life and what awaited them in the future.They disturbed the peace of households,for they denounced husband to wife and wife to husband.And ,what was still worse,while talking to people about their magic art they managed to fill their purses by emptying those of their hearers.One citizen of Paris who gives account of these facts adds that he himself  talked to them three or four times without losing a halfpenny;but this is the report of the people everywhere,and the news reached the bishop of Paris,who went thither taking a Minorite friar called the little Jacobin,and he,by the bishop's command,preached a great sermon and excommunicated all,male and female,who had told fortunes and all who had shewn their hands.The horde was ordered away and departed accordingly on September 8,proceeding towards Pontoise.'It is not known whether they continued their journey north of the capital,but their memory has survived in a corner of the Department du Nord."As a fact,in a wood near the village of Hamel,five hundred feet from a Druidic monument consisting of six stones,there is a fountain which is called the Sorcerer's Kitchen, and it is there, according to tradition,that the Cara Maras rested and quenched their thirst.Now these were assuredly the Caras'mar,namely the Bohemians,or wandering sorcerers and diviners,to whom ancient Flemish charters granted the right to be fed by the inhabitants.'They left Paris,but others came in their place,so that France was exploited as much as other countries.There is no record of their landing in England or in Scotland,but before very long the latter kingdom numbered more then one hundred thousand.They were called seard and caird,as much as to say artisans,craftsmen,for the scts word is derived from the Sanskrit k+r,whence comes the verb to do,the ker-aben of the Gipsies and the Latin Cerdo or bungler,which they are not.Exodus chapter 35 verse 31-35.If there was no trace of them at the same period in northern Spain,where the Christians took refuge against the Moslem domination,it was doubtless because the arabs in the south were more to their liking;however,under John ll the Gipsies refuge against the Moslem domination,it was doubtless because the Arabs were clearly distinguished from these latter,though no one knew whence they came.To sum up,it came about that,from the time in question forward,they were generally known over the whole European continent.One of the bands of King Sindel appeared at Ratisbon in 1433,while Sindel himself,accompanied by his reserve,camped in Bavaria in 1439.He seemed to have come from Bohemia,for the Bavarian,unaware that in 1433 the Tribe had given themselves out as Egyptians,termed them Bohemians,under which name they reappeared in France and so have been known therein.Willy-nilly,they were tolerated.Some perambulated the mountains,seeking gold in the rivers;some forged shoes for horses and chains for dogs;others---more marauders then pilgrims--crept about,ferreting everywhere,and everywhere thieved and pilfered.A few of them,weary of shifting and fixing their tents continually,came to a stand and hollowed out hovels,square huts of four to six feet,underground,and covered with a roof of green branches,[Feast of Booths]Leviticus chapter 23 verse 40-44,the ridge of which,set across two stakes, in the form of a Y,rose scarcely more then two feet above the soil.Exodus chapter 12 verse 7 and verse 22-23.It was in this den, of which little more then the name has remained in France,that the whole family was huddled together pell-mell.In such a lodging,with no opening but the door and a hole for the smoke,the father hammered,the children--crouched round the fire--blew the bellows and the mother boiled the pot,which contained only the spoil of poaching.Among old clothes,a bridle and a knapsack hung from long wooden nails,with no furniture than an anvil,pincers and hammer--there met credulity and love,maid and knight,lady of the manor and page.There they showed their bare white hands  to the penetrating glance of the sibyl;there love was purchased.happiness was sold,lying found its recompense.Thence came mountebanks and cardsharpers,the star-spangled robe and peaked hat of the magician. the vagrants and their slang,street dancers and daughters of joy,Exodus chapter 32 verse 19 ,It was the kingdom of idleness and trupherie,of Villon manners and free meals.They were people who were continually busy in doing nothing,as a simple story-teller of the middle ages terms it.A scholar who is equally modest and distinguished,M.Vaillant,author of a history of the Rom-Muni,or Bohemians,some of whose pages we have cited,gives no more flattering portrait,though he ascribes to the gipsies great importance in the sacerdotal history of the ancient world.He recounts how these strange protestants of primitive civilisation,travelling through the ages with a malediction on their foreheads and rapine in their hands,excited curiosity at first,then mistrust,finally proscription and hated on the part of mediaeval Christians.It will be readily understood what dangers might attach to this people without a fatherland,parasites of the whole world and citizens of nowhere.They were bedouins who perambulated empires like deserts;Ezra chapter 4 verse 15,they were nomadic thieves who gilded about everywhere and remained nowhere,It came to pass speedily that the people regarded them as sorcerers,even demons,casters of lots,stealers of children,and there was some ground for all this.Exodus chapter 32 verse 22.Moreover,the nomads began to be accused everywhere of celebrating frightful mysteries in secret;they were held responsible for all unknown murders,for all mysterious abductions,as the Greeks of Damascus accused the Jews of killing one of their fraternity and drinking his blood.It was affirmed that they preferred boys and girls from twelve to fifteen years old.Here was an effectual way to ensure that they should be held in horror and avoided by the young;but it was odious all the same,for the child and the common people are only too credulous,while a fear begets hated,so also it tends to breed persecution.It was this which came to pass;they were not only avoided and fled from,but they were refused fire and water;Europe became like India in their respect and every Christian was a Brahman armed against them.In some countries, if a young girl approached one of them to give alms out of charity,her distracted governess would warn her to beware,for the Gipsy was a Latkaon,an ogre,who would suck her blood when she was asleep in the night,The girl drew backtrembling.If a boy passed near enough for his shadow to fall on the wall near which they were seated,and where perhaps a whole Gipsy family was eating or basking in the sun,his master would cry;Keep off,child;these vampires will steal your shadow and your soul will dance at their Sabbath through all eternity".So did Christian hated resuscitate the Lemures and goblins,the vampires and ogres,as a ground of impeachment,"They were descended from Mambres,whose miracles competed against those of Moses;they were sent by the King of Egypt to spy everywhere on the children of Israel and render their lot intolerable;they were the murderers made use of by Herod to exterminate the firstborn of Bethlehem;they were pagans indeed,for others,but they did not understand a single word of Egyptian,their language comprising,on the contrary,a good deal of HEBREW.,Acts chapter 26 verse 14,and 1 chronicles chapter 32 verse 18,and they were therefore the refuse of that abject race who slept in the tombs of Judea after devouring the corpses which they contained Ezekiel chapter 5 verse 10 and Deuteronomy chapter 28 verse 55,they were otherwise those miscreant JEWS who were tortured,chased and burned in 1348 for having poisoned our wells and cisterns,and they had returned once again to the work.As a final alternative,whether JEWS or Egyptians,Essenians or Chusians,Pharaohnians or Caphtorians,Assyrians Balistari or Philistines of Canaan,they were renegades,and it was testified in Saxony, France and everywhere that they were fit only for burning and hanging."  The proscription which came upon them fell also on that strange BOOK in which they used to consult destiny and to obtain oracles.Its coloured cards bearing incomprehensible figures are undoubtedly the monumental summary of all ancient revelations,the key to Egyptian hieroglyphics,the keys of Solomon,the primeval scriptures of Enoch and Hermes.The author to whom we refer gives proof here of uncommon sagacity,speaking of the tarot as a man who as yet does not understand it perfectly but has made it a profound study,What he says is the follows; "The form,dispositions,arrangement of these tablets, and of the figures which they depict.though considerably modified by time,are so manifestly allegorical,while the allegories correspond so closely to the civil,philosophical and religious doctrine of antiquity,that one is compelled to regard them as a synthesis of the matter of faith among ANCIENT PEOPLES.Isaiah chapter 44 verse 7, We have sought to make evident already that the tarot is a deduction from the sidereal Book of Enoch.who is Henochia;that it is modelled on the astral wheel of Athor,who is As-taroth;that like the Indian Ot-tara,which is the polar bear or Arcturus in the northern hemisphere,JOB chapter 38 verse 32,it is the force major(tarie),on which rests the solidity of the world and the sidereal firmament of earth.Consequently,like the polar Bear,which is regarded as the chariot of the sun,the chariot of DAVID and ARTHUR,it is the Greek fortune,the Chinese destiny,the Egyptian hazard,the lot of the Romanies,and that,in their unceasing revolution about the poar Bear,the stars pour down on earth those auspices and fatalities,that light and shadow,cold and heat,whence flow the good and evil,the love and hated which make up human happiness. If the origin of the book is so lost in the night of time that no one knows where or when it was invented,everything leads us to believe that it is of Indo-tararic origin and that.variously modified among ancient nations,according to the phases of their doctrines and charateristics of their wise men, 1 kings chapter 4 verse 34 it was one of their books of occult science,possibly even one of their sibylline books.Deuteronomy chapter 31 verse 26.We have sufficiently indicated the road by which it has reached us;we have seen that it must have been know to the Romans and that it came to them not only from the first days of the empire but of the Republic itself,by the intervention of those numerous strangers of eastern origin,who were initiated into the mysteries of Bacchus and Isis,and brought their knowledge to the heirs of Numa.'Vaillant does not say that the four hieroglyphical signs of the tarot--being Wands,cups,swords and Deniers,or golden circles--are found in Homer,sculptured on the shield of Achilles;but according to him;'the cups are the arcs or arches of time,the vessels or ships of heaven,Ezekiel chapter 40 verse 16.The Deniers are the constellations,fixed and movable stars.The Swords are fires,flames,rays;the wands are shadows,stones,trees,plants,Genesis chapter 3 verse 24.The Ace of cups is the vase of the universe,the arch of the celestial truth,the principle of earth.The Ace of Deniers is the sun,the great eye of the world,the sustenance and element of life.The Ace of swords is the spear of mars,whence come wars,misfortunes and victories.John chapter 19 verse 34.The Ace of wands is the serpent's eye,the pastoral crook,the cowhead's goad,the club of Hercues,the emblem of agriculture.The two of Cups is the cow,Io or Isis,and the bull Apis or Mnvis,Exodus chapter 32 verse 8.The three of cups is Isis,the moon,lady and queen of night,Jeremiah chapter 7 verse 18.The three of Deniers is Osiris,the sun,lord and king of day,Revelations chapter 1 verse 16.The nine of Deniers is the messenger Mercury,or the angel Gabriel,Daniel chapter 9 verse 21.The nine of cups is the gestation of good destiny,whence comes happiness.'Finally,M.Vaillant tells us that ther is a Chinese diagram consisting of the characters which form great oblong compartments,equal size and precisely that of the tarot cards.These compartments are arranged in six perpendicular columns,the first five consisting of fourteen compartments each,making seventy in all;whilst the sixth is only half filled and contains seven compartments.Moreover,this diagram is formed after the same combination of the number seven;each complete column is twice seven or fourteen compartments,while the half column contains seven compartments.It is so much like the tarot that the four suits of the latter occupy the seven remaining trumps are in the sixth column,the last representing the six days constituting the week of creation.Genesis chapter 1 verse 31.Now,according to the Chinese,this diagram goes back to the first epoch of their empire,being the drying up the waters of the deluge byIAO.The conclusion is,therefore,that this is either the original Tarot or a copy thereof;that in any case the tarot is anterior to Moses,is referable to the beginning of the ages,or the epoch of the formation of the zodiac;Job chapter 38 verse 32,and that its age is consequently six thousand six hundred years.'Such is the Romany Tarot from which by transposition the Hebrews have made the word Torah,signifying the law of Jehovah.Isaiah chapter 26 verse 4,So far, then,from being a game,as it is at the present day,it was a book ,and a serious book. The book of symbols and emblems,of analogies or relations between stars and man;the book of destiny.2 kings chapter 22 verse 8,by the aid of which the sorcerer unveiled the mysteries of fortune.Its figures,their names,their numbers,and the oracles drawn from these made it naturally regarded by Christians as the instrument of the diabolical art,a work of MAGIC.It will be  hence understood with what severity they proscribed it,the moment it became known to them by the abuse of confidence which the rashness of the Sagi committed on public credulity.In this manner, faith being lost in its message,the tarot became a game,while its pictures underwent modification according to the taste of nations and the successive spirit of centuries.It is to the work in this trivial from that we owe our modern playing cards,the combinations of which are comparable to those of the Tarot in the same way as the game of draughts is comparable to the game of chess.It follows that the origin of cards is attributed wrongly to the reign of Charles VI, and it may be noted further that the initiates of the Order of the belt,established before 1332 by Alphons XI,King of Castile,pledged themselves not to play cards.Le Sage tells us that,in the days of Charles V,St Bernard of Sienna condemned cards to be burnt and that they were then called triumphales after the game triumph played in honour of the victorious Osiris or Ormuzd,represented by one of the tarot cards.Furthermore,that king himself proscribed cards in 1369,and the reason that little Jean de Saintr'e was honoured by his favour was because he did not play.In those days cards were termed Naipes in Spain and Naibi in Italy,the Naibi being she-devils,sibyls and pythonesses.'M. Vaillant, from whom we have been again quoting,considers therefore that the tarot has been modified and altered,which is true for the German examples bearing Chinese figures,but not for those of Italy,which have only been altered in details,nor for those of Besancon,in which traces remain of primitive Egyptian hieroglyphics.In the Doctrine and Ritual of Transcendental Magic  we have shewn how untowards in their results were the labours of Etteilla or Alliette in respect of the tarot.This illuminated hairdresser,after working for thirty years,only suceeded in producing a bastard set,the keys of which are transposed,so that the numbers no longer answer to the signs.In a word,it is a tarot suited to Etteilla and to the measure of his intelligence,which was not of great extent.We are scarcely in agreement with M.Vaillant when he suggest that the gipsies were the lawful proprietors of this key to initiations.They owed it doubtless to the infidelity or imprudence of some Kabalistic Jew.The gipsies originated in India,or their historian has at least shown the likelihood of this theory.Now the extant Tarot  is certainly that of the gipsies and has come to us by way of Judea.As a fact,its keys are in correspondence with the letters of the Hebrew alphabet,and some of its figures reproduce even their forms. Psalm chapter 119.What then were the gipsies? As a poet has said;They were the debased remnant of an ancient word;they were a sect of Indian Gnostics, Isaish chapter 44 verse 7,Jeremiah chapter 44 verse 28 whose communion caused them to be proscribed in every land;as they may be said to admit practically,they are profaners of the Great Arcanum,1Timothy chapter 3 verse 16, Acts chapter 7 verse 52-53,overtaken by a fatal meladiction.Leviticus chapter 26 verse 14-46.A horde misled by some enthusiastic fakir,they had become wanderers through the world,protesting aganist all civilisations in the name of a pretended natural law which dispensed them from almost every duty.Deuteronomy chapter 28 verse 68.Now the law which seeks to prevail in violation of duty is aggression,pillage and rapine;it is the hand of Cain raised against his brother,and society in defending itself seems to be avenging the death of Abel.Psalms chapter 44 verse 16,Deuteronomy chapter 32 verse 43,Romans chapter 11 verse 20-36.In 1840 certain mechanics of the Faubourg St Antoine,weary,as they put it,being hoodwinked by journalists and of serving as tools for the ambition of ready speechmakers,resolved to found and edit a journal of pure radicalism and of logic apart from evasion or circumlocution.They combined therefore and deliberated for the firm establishment of their doctrines;they took as their basis the republican device of liberty,equality and the rest.But liberty seemed to them incompatible with the duty of labour,equality with the law of property,and they therefore decided on communism.One of them,however,pointed out that in communism the sharpest would preside over the division and would get the lion's share;it was decreed thereupon that no one should have the right to intellectual superiority.But it was further remarked that even physical beauty might constitute an aristocracy,so they decreed that there should be an equality in ugliness.Finally,as those who till the ground are yoked to the ground,Genesis chapter 4 verse 2,it was settled that true communist could not follow agriculture,must have only the world for their fatherland and humanity itself for their family,whence it became them to have recourse to caravans and go round the world eternally.2 chronicles chapter 36 verse16,We are not relating a parable;we have known those who were present at the convention in question and we have read the first number of their journal,which was entitled The Humanitarian and was suppressed in 1841.As to this,the press reports of the period may be consulted.Had the journal continued and had the incipient sect recruited proselytes for the Icarian emigration,as the old attorney Cabet was doing at the same period,a new race of Bohemians would have been organised,and vagabondage would have counted one race the more.------The End,bible scriptures WAS inserted by I ARTHUR in ELIPHAZ LEVI work for support of this great truth.The history of the children of Israel.pdf read original copies of ELIPHAZ LEVI WORK of the DIASPORA of THE CHILDREN OF ISREAL click the the history of the children of Israel.The next work is written by Arthur,it explains the origin of the Sepharic and the Falasha.Both of these proselyte sects claim to be the biblical biological Jews,inwhich they are not.The Sephardic are the Sepharvaim meaning non Jewish,non Israelite people mentioned in 2 kings chapter 17 verse 24.The king of Assyria carried away biological israel away into Assyria.2 kings chapter 17 verse 6,some of the biological children of Israel were placed in Sepharad in Assyria.Obadiah verse 20.The king of Assyria then placed the non Israelite non jewish Cu'thah and the Sepharvaim from Sepharad in the land of Samaria instead of the biological children of israel 2 kings chapter 17 verse 24.These pagan Sepharvaim did not know the manner of the god of Israel,wherefore the king of Assyria commanded.saying.carry thither one of the priest whom ye brought from thence and let them teach them the manner of the God of the land.2 kings chapter 17 verse 25-27.The biological Israelite priest that was brought back into the land of Samaria to teach the non Israelite Sepharvaim,began the process of proselytizing these Sepharvaim.These Sepharvaim are the Sepharic identified with spain to this very day.They are not the biblical Jews of children of Israel.2 kings chapter 17 verse 34 Unto this day they do after the former manners;they fear not the lord,neither do they after their statutes,or after their ordinances,or after the law and commandment which the lord commanded the children of Jacob,whom he named Israel;The next issue is the Falasha proselytes.During the time of king Solomon,The prophet Ahijah caught the new garmet of Jeroboam and rent it into twelve pieces.Israel would be divided into two kingdoms.JERUSALEM and SAMARIA .Not three kingdoms as the book of Negast has been used to suggest.And the heresy that Hailey Selassie is a king of Judah of this third kingdom in ETHIOPIA inwhich he is not.In the book of Ezekiel chapter chapter 37 verse 22 as it is written and i will make them one nation in the land upon the mountains of israel;and one king shall be king to them all;and they shall be no more two nations,neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all.This scripture is clear that the saying of prophet Ahijah of the kingdom being rent into two kingdoms JERUSALEM AND SAMARIA,not three with ETHIOPIA as third kingdom.In Isaiah chapter 11 verse 11 it speaks of a remant in pathros and Cush which is Ethiopia Jeremiah chapter 44 verse 1,some of this remant in Cush was returned Jeremiah chapter 44 verse 28 and the rest were put to death by king of Nebuchadrezzar jeremiah chapter 46 verse 13-28.Their is no remnant of Israel in Ethiopia called falasha jews.In fact Ethiopia is predominantly muslim,and is part of Gog and Magogs army Ezekiels chapter 38 verse 5 and Jeremiah chapter 46 verse 9.The next issue is the Israelite sects here in North America teaching false diaspora doctrines,The only truth i would agree with them on is that the slaves in the gettos in America are the children of Israel.However the the migration here to the Americas i totally disagree.First off the majority of these Israelite camps and sects of pharisees and Sadducess,teach that the tribe of Judah was brought to the Americas from west coast of Africa,this is false,they were brought here from europe by the khazars the original knights Templers.Second these pharisees and Sadducess Israelite sects and camps teach that Benjamin is Jamacians,Levi is Haiti,Simeon is Domincians,Zebulun is Pamama/Columbia,Ephraim is Puerto Rico, Manasseh is Cubans,Reuben is Seminole Indians,Naphali Hawaians/Samoans,Asher Brazil/Argentina. These people are not Israelites,none of these countries and people in these countries manifest the characteristics of the Israelites of the HOLY BIBLE.For the most part they are very civilized.They have fruitful businesses,they have a sense of culture that brings them together in unity,they are not a reproach,infact they try to separate themselves from the so called niggers who are the real reproach Ezekiels chapter 5 verse 14.Who are the real children of Israel, biblical,biological Jews.I use the word nigger which means ignorant ,stiff neck,stiffhearted,impudent and most rebellious people,Ezekiels chapter 2 verse 3-7 These central,south and caribbean  peoples can maintain a self sustainable community and be joined together in unity and brotherhood by language customs food etc.The niggers are different ,they could not,and would not,beable to maintain a community in unity,Zechariah chapter 11 verse 14,owning stores conducting business and living civilized as brothers in unity.They would continue to complain as our forefathers complained every step of the way out of Egypt, to Moses and to the God of Israel.You see the niggers here in the cities and gettos of North America  are in a class by ourselves ,no other race or class of people can even attempt to impersonate our impudent, stiffhearted, foolishness,Deuteronomy chapter 28 verse 37. 
 To live in the gettoes with the children of Israel is to dwell among Scorpions, 
Ezekiel chapter 2 verse 6. Romans chapter 19 verse 1-3 Brethren,my heart's desire and prayer to God for israel is that they might be saved.For i bear them record that they have a zeal of God,but not according to knowledge,for they being ignorant of Gods righteous,and going about to establish their own righteousness,have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.They use the scripture in 2 Esdras chapter 13; 45.Stating that Arsareth is the Americas inwhich the ten tribes travelled.This is false, they have interpreted the scriptures wrong.When the northern ten tribes went into captivity 2 kings17 verse 6 and 1 chronicles chapter 5 verse 26 There was remnant that escape the sword and return to the land of Israel 2 chron 30;6 The rest was put to the sword,they never travel to the Americas.Isaiah 11 ;11 speaks of this Israelite remnant of Assyria that was returned aswell as the Israelites that fled into Egypt, Patros, Cush ,Elam ,Shinar and from Hamath.Moreover in Jeremiah 44;1 it speak of the remnant that fled into Egypt.Migdol,Tahpanhes,Noph Patros Some of this remnant was returned to Israel.See Jeremiah 43;5 the rest of the Israelite as far as Cush were put to the sword by king. Nebucaddnezzar Jeremiah 44;12 thru 15 The remnant that escape is mentioned in Jeremiah 44;28.They have the diaspora wrong.During the time period of our lord Jesus Christ the children of Israel lived in the land of Israel and some dwelt in Alexandria Cilicia Asia acts 7;9 After the crusades in 1200 AD the children of is fled in great numbers to Egypt.Deuteronomy 28 verse 68.It is at this piont they migrated to Europe ,the isles of the gentiles.Eliphaz Levi writes of this time period,thereafter the children of Israel were brought to the Americas by the khazars who are the original Knights Templars whom stole our identity..When we were brought to the Americas, the seed of Joktan were here, these are Shemitic Hebrews children of Eber that travel to the Americas during the time the lord scattered the peoples in Genesis chapter 11 verse 8.Joktan is Pelegs brother Peleg means divided.Joktan had twelve sons these sons travelled to the far east Genesis 10;30 as i stated they travel to the Americas and to the east and west Indies and Australia.They are also the fathers of the Asians. The Israelites were not brought from west coast of Africa to Americas.They were brought here from France by Knights Templars.Moreover the the Israelite pharisee sect the gathering of Christ church teach that King James was so called black.This is untrue.God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem;and Canaan shall be his slave,Genesis chapter 9 verse 27.A Hamite King could not rule over Japheths seed in isles of gentiles,and certaintly not a Shemetic Israelite king, Hosea chapter 3 verse 4 for the Children of Israel shall abide many days without a king,and without a prince,and without a sacrifice,and without an image,and without an ephod,and without teraphim.Moreover the the children of Israel built the pyramids and the Sphinx while in Egypt four hundred years the sphinx is the image or Jesus Christ with nemes ,King of Kings Lord of Lords, we are awaiting his second coming, 2 Peter chapter 3 verse 4-18. Israel was  enslaved spiritually and physically in North America for 400 years.This teaching that the children of Israel left Israel in 70 AD and migrated to west Africa and were brought to the Americas in the 1400 1500 is false teachings .God never foresoke the Israelites for more then 400 years at one time.the commandment in Exodus 20;5 visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation.From 70 AD to the 1500 is more then the third and fourth generation of punishment.You mean to tell me you believe the Israelites were in Africa for approx 1500 years wondering around freely intermarrying Hamites with no yoke and sign of curse.God visit in major ways every 400 years in third and fourth generation,Genesis 15 verse 13 thru 16 Exodus chapter 20 verse 5.Read my biblical letter on this website click biblical scriptures.Revelation chapter 22 verse 21 The SPHINX which is the Philosophers stone ,image of JESUS CHRIST and the great PYRAMIDS was built by the CHILDREN OF ISRAEL. 
  Written by Arthur The Hebrew

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